Maranatha Volunteers International
Maranatha Volunteers International

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What We Do
The impact of Maranatha’s mission is two-fold as we provide desperately needed buildings, but also offer opportunities for ordinary people to make service a part of their lives. 
The Construction
Maranatha receives requests from all over the world to construct various buildings. While our primary construction involves churches and schools, we have also built clinics, orphanages, homes, and hospitals. Once we accept a request, we embark on an extensive plan to coordinate construction and volunteers for each of the projects. Although each project is different, Maranatha also coordinates fundraising efforts for most of the international projects. Maranatha also coordinates building projects in North America, usually involving schools or churches. Requests for North American project assistance go through a different process, which does not include fundraising efforts from Maranatha. Learn more about how Maranatha can help construct an urgently needed building in your area by reading about our project assistance program.

The Volunteers
When a project is confirmed and scheduled, Maranatha announces the opportunity to volunteers through Maranatha print publications, membership email newsletters, and the website. Everyone is invited to volunteer, and there are specialized projects available for various types of groups, such as families, teenagers, or young adults. Each year, an average of 3000 people sign up on a Maranatha project. The result of a single trip is an unforgettable experience of cultural and spiritual growth. 

The Funding

Maranatha's operation is divided into two segments: mission project costs and non-mission related costs. Maranatha's construction projects are funded by donations. Any donation designated for a specific country or project are applied to those projects. Our non-mission related costs (such as marketing, employment, office space) are funded by independent business investments, private donors who give specifically to our operations, and the Maranatha Fund.

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